What to Expect from the 2024 Crawfish Season


The 2024 crawfish season presents a unique set of challenges, marking it as a standout in the industry’s history. This year is poised to be one of those rare, significant events that occur perhaps once in two decades.

Crawfish Lifecycle and Season Stages

The season unfolds in two main birth cycles. Initially, in late October, crawfish emerge with their offspring, beginning a critical phase largely unseen by consumers. This early stage is vital for the ensuing harvest. The second cycle begins late January and into February with a second round of fledgling crawfish making their way into the world.


Season’s Challenges: Drought and Freeze

This year, the drought has dramatically impacted the early-season crawfish, resulting in significant juvenile losses. While the recent freeze raised further concerns for the second half of the crop, sunny days have since revealed encouraging signs of baby crawfish.


Farmers’ Practices and Pond Restocking

A crucial aspect often overlooked is the farmers’ practice of restocking ponds. This sustainable approach involves rotating fields each season to maintain healthy crawfish populations and prevent overharvesting. However, it leads to a decrease in market supply as farmers focus on restocking, especially noticeable around May.

Market Dynamics: Demand, Supply, and Pricing

With reduced volume expected, and Easter coinciding with peak demand, prices are predicted to hit record highs. This demand spike, coupled with the May restocking process, will likely lead to pronounced shortages and escalating prices. 📈📉

Optimism in the Face of Challenges

Despite these challenges, the industry remains resilient. While the season will be atypical, it’s far from the devastation once feared. It’s an opportunity to savor the season’s offerings, no matter how limited.


What’s that mean for North Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, & the Carolinas? You’ll see a trickle of crawfish in mid-late March at the highest prices ever seen. Then a balancing for 4-6 weeks before the season ends shortly after Mother’s Day.

In summary, the 2024 crawfish season is set to be extraordinary, characterized by high prices, reduced availability, but also by the adaptability of both the industry and consumers. As we navigate this unique season, let’s plan our crawfish experiences with excitement and understanding. 🦞🍽️

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