Fresh Gulf Shrimp

There is a sweetness to the brown and white shrimp coming out of our Gulf waters which make them very discernible from other shrimp. We use both; with 16/20s and 21/25s being our size of choice for both fresh and boiled. While we make it a point to get fresh shrimp when in season, we also use a fresh/frozen shrimp through an Alabama Gulf Coast shrimp company.  **We’ve had to up the price because we upped the size! We bought them out of both 16/20s and 21/25s ~here come the 10/15s and these are INCREDIBLE!

Shortly after being caught, the fresh/frozen shrimp are graded & frozen at sea in 25 lb shatter-packs, locking in their incredible flavor and freshness. We’ve been using these shrimp for a couple of years and we can tell you they are easily the highest quality shrimp, at the best price around.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the fluctuation of market pricing for crawfish and shrimp.

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2 lb. Pack, 5 lb. Pack, 25 lb. Box


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