Fresh Gulf Shrimp – 25 lb Box


Sells in 25 lb. boxes only.   $187.50/box for 10/15s (count per pound)@ $7.50/lb – discount by getting a box.   This way you can have fabulous fresh shrimp by breaking off a little at a time from your freezer.

Shortly after being caught, the fresh/frozen shrimp are graded & frozen at sea in 25 lb shatter-packs, locking in their incredible flavor and freshness. We’ve been using these shrimp for a couple of years and we can tell you they are easily the highest quality shrimp, at the best price around. Any unused shrimp can be frozen in water and last a few months, or simply purchase the entire 25 lb box at a the bulk pricing and use only what’s needed out of the freezer, when you need it, straight from the box.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the fluctuation of market pricing for crawfish and shrimp.


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