Fresh/Frozen Alabama Gulf Shrimp


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Hey, for all you shrimp lovers out there, you've got to check out the brown and white shrimp from our Gulf waters. They're not just any shrimp – they have a unique sweetness that sets them apart. We've got both types in 10/15s and 16/20s sizes, available fresh or boiled. And guess what? We offer them both head on and head off, so you can choose whatever you prefer.

When shrimp season is on, we go all out for fresh ones. But we also have a cool deal with an Alabama Gulf Coast company for fresh/frozen shrimp. These shrimp are caught, graded, and frozen right at sea in 25lb shatter-packs (head-on) and 5# IQF packs (head-off), which means they keep their incredible flavor and freshness locked in. We've been hooked on these shrimp for a decade now, and honestly, they're the best quality and value you can find. 🦐🌊🎉👍

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Head off, 21-25/lb, Head On, 10-15/lb, 25# shatter pack, 10-15/lb, head on