Boiled Cajun Crawfish

Boiled Cajun Crawfish 1 – 9 lbs: Come taste the pride and authenticity in our flavor of Cajun boiled Louisiana crawfish. Just a warning, these can be SPICY. 

Boiled Cajun Crawfish, 10+ lbs:  Need twice the spice? As per Cajun tradition, a little lagniappe is given for y’all.  50 cents/lb discount when purchasing between 10-99 lbs. 

Boiled Cajun Crawfish, 100+ lbs:  Our boilers are big and as a result, we love accommodating the many, many reasons y’all have for throwing down a crawfish bash. We won’t break your bank as we give $1/lb off for your bulk buy. 

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the fluctuation of market pricing for crawfish and shrimp.

*1 Cajun mini-corn and 2 small red potatoes, free, with every 5 pounds of boiled crawfish purchased.

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