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How do I order live or boiled Louisiana crawfish?

ON-LINE ORDERING PAGE. LIVE Crawfish: All pre-orders are appreciated. For orders over 30 lbs, please order on-line 24 hours before your party to give us a little advance on what we need at the docks. BOILED Crawfish: While we are able to accommodate most any orders, the demand for our hot-n-spicy crawfish leaves us short…

Where do you get your crawfish?

The majority of our crawfish is pond-raised and hail from the areas near Kaplan & Forked Island, Louisiana. Depending on the time of year and quality of crawfish we may shuffle to wild-caught crawfish from the Belle River and Morgan City marsh areas, all part of the Atchafalaya Basin ecosystem.

How many pounds of crawfish do I need?

2-3 lbs per person is a good start, but some can eat 5-10 lbs.

How big are the crawfish?

In short, you will typically find 15-20 crawfish in a pound. Early in the season and late in the season, the size varies greatly. Many factors influence this, but the two main factors are temperature and rain fall. Since we pick up our crawfish directly from the source, we take great care to select the…

When does crawfish season start and end?

This depends on the weather and the crawfish. For Louisianans the season can start as early as Thanksgiving and almost always by Christmas. The crawfish tend to be soft and unable to be transported long distances, thus, for the rest of us, the season begins late January/ early February and ends around July 4th, give…

How do I boil live crawfish?

Wash them and make sure there are no dead ones. Then, throw them into boiling seasoned water and let them boil for 3-8 minutes. The duration of the boil depends on the pot size, how much crawfish went into the pot, and how hard the crawfish are (early in the season the crawfish are softer and…

Can I keep live crawfish overnight?

Yes, but they need to stay cool and moist, but don’t let them sit in water or they will drown. Put them in an ice chest, prop it up on opposite side of the opened drain plug, and toss some ice on them. You may put a wet towel over the sack for added protection…

How do I store leftovers?

Let them cool to room temperature and put in containers. You can store them in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Eat cold, reheat via the microwave for 10-15 seconds, or peel and use the meat in countless Cajun/Creole/seafood dishes or just with your eggs and toast!

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