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At Red Mountain Crawfish, we offer an unparalleled 200% guarantee! If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return the product and we'll not only exchange it for you but also provide a voucher for the same amount for your future use.

Crawfish, often called "mudbugs" in Mississippi, are a common sight along the state's riverbanks. However, a large portion of our crawfish supply originates from a 225-acre area in South Louisiana. Known in scientific circles as Procambarus Clarkii, the Red Swamp crayfish boasts a lifespan of around two years, making it one of the most resilient among the myriad species of crawfish globally. Their growth cycle kicks off with the early autumn rains on freshly harvested rice fields or when the first snow in Illinois melts and flows down the Mississippi River to the vast Atchafalaya Basin. Within several months, these juvenile crawfish undergo significant growth, leading to the commencement of the trapping season in both fields and swamps.

Our deep connections with local farmers and fishermen, forged over many years and through working closely together, fuel our commitment to delivering only the finest crawfish.

We stand behind our product with a 200% satisfaction guarantee. While we pride ourselves on offering the freshest crawfish in the region, we recognize that environmental factors like extreme temperatures, fog, barometric shifts, El Niños, and hurricanes can impact the quality, size, and abundance of our crawfish. Our goal is to limit customer losses to a minimum, understanding that sometimes natural conditions can be more challenging than the crawfish can withstand. Our satisfaction guarantee is a promise to ensure that our customers' investments are fully valued, compensating for any potential natural impacts on our product.


Our boiled crawfish is sure to WOW even the most seasoned mudbug veteran. Using our own unique Cajun blend of spices, you’ll find these crawdads to be juicy and full of that wonderful ‘HOT-N-SPICY’ flavor. Prior to boiling, we soak them in a special formula and cull each and every one by hand to ensure a perfect tasting crawfish.

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We are proud to serve you the freshest crawfish possible and do so by taking as many as 5 trips a week to Louisiana; picking up directly from the Landry’s docks where farmers/fishermen sell their fresh catch as they come in from the swamp or fields. Each week, we choose between the farmed-raised crop in the Coastal Plains (Acadia/Vermilion), or the famed Belle-River wild-caught crop out of Pierre Part, LA. It is our relationship with the Landry’s from the show, The Swamp People, that has enabled us to pick some of the best crawfish the Atchafalaya Basin or it’s neighboring Coastal Plains region has to offer!

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